Storytelling that bring brands to life through identity, experience, and social purpose.



SocialVoice® Branding is a proprietary program developed out of the Emotional Branding Alliance ThinkTank in 2009, co-founded by SocialVoice LLC President/Founder, Anneliza Humlen, and Marc Gobé, creator of Emotional Branding. The principles of SocialVoice Branding combines Emotional Branding principles with social responsibility and engagement/community-building methods.


SocialVoice Branding can be applied to building a brand from concept, repositioning or enriching existing brands. The result is a roadmap that defines all the dimensions of current and future product, brand and social interest. Brands are given greater clarity of vision and purpose, distinction of voice and identity, as well as share-worthy substance to fuel their brand story for chapters to come.

Ideal for:

Brands with market strength but lack customer loyalty and emotional or social engagement

•Brands that are indistinguishable from competition either through story, voice, identity or experience

•Brands with fragmented market presence

•Brands struggling to create useful content

•Brands with limited definition and depth to their story

•Marketers evolving beyond “social media” to build “social brands”


Beyond the development of the SocialVoice® strategy, we offer a full range of strategic, communication and design services to help bring programs to life.


For clients in need of support and time to build their social and digital resources, we have programs specially designed to get your brand set-up and socially active via content creation, community building and social engagement. We can manage the initial social marketing and community building efforts, and when your team is ready, transfer management and progress.


If you are looking to build internal digital/social marketing skills, check out our Brand Ambassador Mentorship and SVKnowledge Building Programs.

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