Knowledge Building

Bridge the knowledge gaps that limit your business/team potential

“Digital marketing is the area where most marketers feel they need to improve, with 31.7% of respondents choosing this option.

If you consider social media and mobile (even perhaps data) to be digital marketing disciplines, that figure is closer to 60%.”

Source: Marketing Week’s 2014 Salary Survey / via @Econsultancy 

Our Knowledge Building program consists of immersive workshops that scale from inspiring, informational, to concept mastery.  The program is designed to inspire new thinking, build upon existing knowledge, as well as introduce new concepts and skills.    We focus not only on the “how-to.”   But also the development of emotional intelligence, pragmatic strategies, and the social/digital smarts needed to close knowledge gaps in ways that are efficient and effective.

Our goal is to promote bold thinking and greater open knowledge-sharing amongst client service specialists and business/brands.   Our  Knowledge Building program strives to share the thinking, tips, and effective processes/concepts we use in our own work with the executives/teams looking to strengthen and broaden their knowledge.

Unlike traditional seminars, this program promotes active learning versus passive information download.  The content and strategies shared are not pre-packaged, conceptual, or strive to teach what is “standard” thinking and practice within the industry.  Instead, our program strives to celebrate what is “human” about the learning and teaching  process.  Program participants gain insight into the original thinking, and sometimes unconventional exploratory processes, needed in order to build emotional and socially minded brands.

Beyond conference workshops, our interactive and intimate format allows for more open exchange, collaboration and customization.  Our program content is tailored to be industry relevant so that participants will be comfortable relating to the new concepts, and thereby ensuring greater success in application.

All of our Knowledge Building Leaders (KBL) are part of the SocialVoice Alliance Network, an open collaborative of industry leading professionals who have the mastery, insights, and passion to share their their knowledge with others.  All members are either successful consultants, agency executives or academic instructors.  We collaborate with all to ensure that the content prepared is useful and participant-minded.   Not self-serving or promotional. 

This program allows industry leading minds to be on-site to share their expert knowledge and know-how.  By codifying what they know best into share-able information and pragmatic application strategies,  program participants are exposed not only to new concepts.  They are given insight into the thinking process(s) used to arrive at creative strategies and  innovative solutions.

Below are examples of our Knowledge Building  topics:

Emotional/Social Experience MappingLearn how to define when/where/how your brand can be both emotional and socially relevant  

Building Social Brands Beyond Social MediaLearn what is needed to build brands with sustainable social value 

Content Creation, Curation and Re-purposing – Learn how to transform “information” and assets into meaningful content and engaging storytelling opportunities 

Building Team Dynamics – Learn the principles of successful team collaboration and what drives or detracts a team in achieving optimal performance

Social Community Building – Learn the practice and etiquette of building community interest, engagement, and advocacy  (can be tailored to either internal or external social communities)

How to Retail with Purpose  – Learn how purpose before profit is driving some of retail’s greatest stories of success and innovation

Place-Making and Environment ExperienceLearn what it takes to transform space into a central place of enriching experiences, community, and culture


Please contact us for additional information regarding formats/fees, additional topics and learning series options.

Our program and topics are ideal for executives and senior management teams who are familiar with the concepts and some best practice examples.   But do not have the skills and experience needed to confidently, and creatively, integrate them into their business planning or current roles/responsibilities.


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