Building employee engagement is essential to promoting change and ensuring sustainable growth


“In most organizational change efforts, it is much easier to draw on the strengths of the culture than to overcome the constraints by changing the culture.”

Edgar Schein, professor MIT Sloan School of Management


The SV Culture Building Program is designed to be a catalyst for promoting culture change, shifting perspective, and fostering employee engagement.  We leverage our collective experience in CSR, Sustainability, Brand Storytelling, and building social communities/engagement, to create employee-led initiatives.  Each program result is unique to a company and meant to enrich a brand by giving people, both internal and external, a common purpose that they can believe in  and take pride in sharing with others.

Almost every aspect of a business can be copied by competitors – except a corporation’s culture.  Depending on how it is nurtured, it can either help strengthen employee and external  perceptions.  If unsupported, corporate culture will weaken and  tarnish business/brand perceptions even further.

Below are examples of some of the activities/output you can expect from a SV CultureBuilding Program:

  • Conduct a Human Dynamics assessment and survey to define potential strengths and challenges for building a collaborative internal culture
  • Develop an external survey to understand customer and public perceptions (Quant/Qual)
  • Apply a 10 Point Brand Diagnostic to assess opportunities for business/brand
  • Apply a 7 Point Social Diagnostic to assess social brand perceptions, nature of engagement and social relationships
  • Consult/Support recruitment and selection of steering and advisory team for the program
  • Facilitate a series of exploratory and co-creation workshops to collaborate on the development of Culture Building Concepts
  • Collaborate on the development, program detailing and due-diligence process required to build and sell-through support for leading concept (internal and external)
Bringing world together

The following examples are the results from our Culture Building work: 


•Travelocity – Travel for Good CSR Program

•EastonWay Online Virtual Community & Loyalty Programs

• Dassault Falcon Customer Service– Formalized as a brand/ Division, and Competitive Market Advantage

Why CSR Brand and Culture May Become Unsustainable


Being Mindful Matters:  Why Apple magic is not about the products but the mindset  


Evolving corporate culture beyond closed to open social collaborative

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