All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual. 

–  Albert Einstein


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The SocialVoice Mentorship program builds valued employee engagement.  Our goal is to develop successful brand ambassadors through a “learning by creating” approach.   Participants learn not only how-to use social communication tools, create content and build community interest. But also learn how to become social and community minded.   Through one-on-one coaching, on-boarding, adoption time and risk of failure is minimized.  Successful application of learning is ensured and applied from day one.

This program is ideal for companies interested in building a more socially engaged employee culture.   Whether it is to strengthen internal collaboration,  or build engagement externally between brand and people.  This program empowers employees, regardless of their company role or lack of social and/or technical experience,  with the ability to strengthen current role with a community -minded perspective.

On average, participants develop proficiency within 6 mo. Mastery of key social engagement principles within 1 yr.  And accountability and ability to train others within 1.5 yrs.

The SocialVoice Mentorship program consists of four development phases.  Each phase is on average six months.  We realize most brand ambassador candidates have full time responsibilities and minimal time to dedicate to being offsite or in training.   So we’ve designed our program to require only one-in person half-day workshop per month and weekly or bi-weekly virtual conferences for coaching and development feedback and QA.

Phase 1:        
Developing social strategy, personas, mapping of emotional/social audience needs and establishment of social network presence

Phase 2:        
Developing personal brand voice, content management creation, curation and network building

Phase 3:        
Building community following, influence and social engagement
Phase 4:        

Measuring, monitoring, targeting and strengthening social community building efforts and network presence

This program is ideal for executives/teams who have direct contact with customers or interested in becoming more active as industry representative, public speaker, blogger or social voice for their business/brand.  Participants do not need to have a communications or marketing background, or have prior experience using social networks or digital communication tools.


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