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Almost 10 years ago, a book I co-authored – Don’t Think Pink – published, and it is alternatively great and a bit depressing that it has withstood the test of time. Businesses, and their leaders, still need reminding that women are not a niche segment but a powerful and core market. Companies continue to paint their web sites pink or include diet and fashion tips in even business publications “for women”  – which is far from the best route.


Instead, the transparent marketing concept introduced in Don’t Think Pink must endure. Women are looking for relevance in language, message and service. They naturally connect and then leverage those connections in many ways.


What does all this have to do with social engagement?  The ways that women tend to think and make decisions is amplified tenfold, in my nonscientific estimation, by the power of social network relationships. Whether as consumers or in business, women make connections and build networks by first connecting as humans and taking time to build trust. A Twitter or LinkedIn connection enables that, likely beyond what anyone could have imagined five years ago.


Though my book was specifically about marketing, its theories have B2B and corporate leadership implications galore.

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Women connect via common experiences. They want authentic relationships (even in a business setting), they like telling friends and colleagues about new things, and they find gratification in being in and forwarding productive conversations. You reach them by getting to know them really well in advance of any possible transaction, staying in regular touch and being the center or filter of great information sharing.  Watch a few key women on Twitter, for example, and you see social engagement at its finest.  There, it is not about exchanging recipes or talking about kids, but such connections may start or interweave occasionally with those topics.


Many companies (still) have a lot of work to do to stay relevant with their particular women’s markets in this rapidly evolving business landscape. But, social media is where women can strategically, but naturally, leverage their connecting and communicating comfort – whether as consumers or business leaders.


Let the marketing guidelines of Don’t Think Pink become communication style truths for social relationship building.


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