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In 2011, there was a fatal shooting at Easton. This event undermined Easton’s long-standing reputation as a safe, family-friendly haven. Easton needed a platform from which to communicate and engage in civic discussions as a business, engaged citizen, and trusted local voice.


We developed a social marketing and community building strategy for Easton, and then trained and coached their management team to become successful brand ambassadors and community leaders.  This community-building program:

  • Strengthened local community trust and affinity with Easton
  • Helped Easton management build more meaningful relationships with the people and patrons of Easton
  • Help management team change mindset from “retailer” and property management to content creator,  community builder, and brand voice/ambassador”   Visit

Program Components

EastonWay represents Easton Town Center’s B2C marketing efforts. It began as a social marketing program and evolved to represent a mind-shift from product and promotion marketing, to people engagement and community-building. By celebrating the stories and interests of the people, Easton transcends its role as a “destination” to instead become a forum/symbol of a community’s positive interests and shared ideals.

We literally brought Easton “to life” vis-à-vis the voice of the people. We developed a social network ecosystem that was driven by the interests of the people and added a new dimension to the Easton experience. This approach of uniting offsite interests via online community forum, elevated the notion of Easton from a retail town center or mall, to a virtual community and shared ethos.

We created the “SocialE” team of brand ambassadors – a cross functional group of managers/directors who together collaborate in the development of new events, proprietary content and community building programs.

Easton:  MomE , TrendE , FoodE  – We nurtured the development of each ambassador’s brand identity, and helped them bring their voice and perspective to life through content creation/curation, program development and engagement strategy.  We empowered the Easton management team with the inspiration, tools and know-how needed to bring their creative storytelling ideas to life.

We worked with a cross-functional team  comprised of senior managers representing marketing, sales, and guest services – many of whom were not frequent users of social networks.    Through our training and individual coaching, the Easton team learned how to become successful community builders, content creators, and engagement leaders- all in real time.  Learning through doing, which helped minimize adoption curve and risk of failure.