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In 2009, the Samsung Institute of Global Marketing (based in Seoul, Korea) was in search of a program that can help introduce the next generation of Samsung leaders to a more socially engaged approach to marketing and brand-building communications.


Beyond preparing our findings and strategic recommendations as a standard presentation to Samsung.  We realized that the most effective way to communicate the concept of being “social” to the organization  was to make the delivery of the recommendations into a social, buzz-worthy event within the company. 

We put together the first ever global webcast for  Samsung Electronics.  It was a one hour production with an open invitation to all  Samsung employees.  Employees from all time zones tuned in for the broadcast.  We developed an internal awareness building campaign to promote and sustain employee engagement and interest before, during and after the event.

We prepared our strategic recommendations in the form of a mini-documentary film which allowed us to take a storytelling approach that all employees relate to.   Best of all, Senior Executives from Samsung Electronics were featured throughout the film which allowed employees to emotionally connect to their individual personalities and perspectives.


This event was deemed the “most successful” event for the Samsung Institute.  Not only was participation record breaking during the broadcast, but also thereafter.  In fact, there was an overwhelming response from employees to continue the Social Knowledge broadcast.  So we collaborated with Samsung to develop a learning curriculum and programming strategy designed to explore each of the strategic recommendations and concepts presented.

Program Components

Global Broadcast Event: Since the purpose of this program was to promote a more socially engaged Samsung brand, it required an internal social event kick-off. With the help of service partner, Thomson Reuters, we produced a 1 hour live global broadcast from NYC Times Square to the Samsung Electronics global team. This event was co-hosted by Samsung Electronics project lead and combined presentation, inspiration, real-time QA, polling and international audience exchange. This was the first global on-line event learning event for the Samsung Electronics organization.

In addition to creating the traditional deliverable of a PPT as both presentation and take-away, we created a 15 min. mini-documentary for internal use and to ensure consistency of message. This film served as the catalyst and inspiration for Samsung team members and agencies, both current and future. It highlighted our research journey, the thinking and inspiration, and shared a story and future vision for a more socially engaged Samsung as told through the voices of their own leaders. Internal Campaign: In order to ensure success of this worldwide event, we helped Samsung create an internal campaign that was launched prior to the event to encourage early registration and participation. We utilized social tools to engage employees and to promote use for purposes of business. We created a mix of contest, trivia teasers, book give-away and corporate wide recognition. A similar, yet scaled down campaign was created after the event to promote utilization of on-demand information and content from the broadcast.

We developed a strategic framework and recommendations that spanned concept through to example applications. This strategy reinforced the Samsung charge to evolve corporate culture and mindset from communication of product and engineering, to building relationships and connections with people.

Development Curriculum: We worked with the Samsung Institute to create a program/development curriculum that would support the development of the concepts and strategies introduced in the broadcast. We also led dedicated practice workshops with global Samsung teams and partner agencies to encourage adoption of new concepts and ensure successful application.